30 Days of Beauty Day 8

30 Days of Beauty Day 8 is our day to celebrate the lovely Joyce! My partners at Fiorio Salons and Spa and I loved spending an afternoon with this beautiful lady at the brand new Gibson Square location. Joyce took to all my posing like a natural, and we definitely felt like we’d had an intense yoga class by home time.


Carole B Eves Photography, 30 Days of Beauty, Toronto Portrait Photography

The iridescent gold coat is so beautiful with Joyce’s blonde hair


This is what Joyce had to say about her experience:


“I was surprised and pleased to be asked to participate in the Fiorio 30 Days of Beauty event. It was a wonderful indulgence not many people get to experience. I’ve had makeovers before but never hadĀ a professional portrait. I didn’t know photography could be so technical and challenging. Carole put me at ease with her knowledge and humour and I’m so pleased with the results. Thank you Carole, Cheryl, and Ayesha and everyone at Fiorio for the opportunity. I love your new location on Yonge in North York. The salon is beautiful and the staff are fantastic.”

Beautiful hair styling by Cheryl Goldsmith
Flawless makeup by Ayesha fromĀ Euphoria

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