30 Days of Beauty Day 24

30 Days of Beauty Day 24 is the beautiful Melina’s day! What makes my portrait of Melina different is that she wasn’t even on my roster for the month. I walked into The Fiorio Beauty Academy to shoot Tamana from Day 13, and Ayesha from Day 18, and Melina happened to be their stylist. I took one look at her, and stated that I wanted to add her to our month of beauty. How could I not?! Lucky for me, Melina is just as spontaneous as I am, and immediately agreed.

I first shot Tamana, during which time Ayesha whipped up Melina’s gorgeous makeup look, and off we went! She didn’t even have a different outfit to wear – she stayed in her white work clothes. I offered to take off my shirt, for her to wear, if she didn’t want to be photographed in work clothes. But, I am glad that she didn’t take me up on it – the white contrasts so beautifully with her skin. I would also have been a rather inappropriately dressed photographer!


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A woman who owns her strength is simply stunning


Melina’s hair is styled by Melina herself, and her gorgeous makeup was done by the illustrious Ayesha from Euphoria

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