Personal Branding Shoot with Carli

Carli’s personal branding shoot was uniquely tailored to her, and we had so much fun creating her portraits together! Carli didn’t even  have to leave the house. The mobile studio came to her home for the morning.


Toronto Portrait Photographer, Carole B Eves Photography, Carli Kinnear

I love the light and gentle expression in Carli’s eyes


She had 5 or 6 outfit options laid out on the bed when we arrived, and we carefully chose beautiful outfits that showed the different aspects of her personal brand. Ayesha from Euphoria did her hair and makeup, and stayed on hand throughout the shoot to do touch ups.  She also added to the fun with her bubbly personality.


Ayesha Butt, Toronto hair and makeup, Carole B Eves Photography, Toronto Photographer

A bit of fancy airbrushed makeup in the kitchen


Our vegan pad Thai from Canteen made the perfect lunch break













For those who are not sure what a personal branding shoot is all about: It takes the familiar headshot to a whole new level. Whether you are a business professional or an entrepreneur, you have your own brand. You use it to market yourself with, and to create new connections in business. The goal in a personal branding shoot is to highlight your personality in a variety of looks, and it also gives you the chance to enjoy a bit of stress-free fuss and pampering while you are at it!

Carli needed a portrait for a leader profile that Glain Roberts-McCabe from the Executive Roundtable published. In this interview Carli shares a life-altering event that challenged her to the max. In her own words: “I was granted the chance to build a new dream, and I am actively creating my next dream.”


Carole B Eves Photography, Personal Branding, Headshots, Carli Kinnear

Carli’s living room offered the perfect backdrop for this stunning portrait


Carli’s story is mind-blowing, and it has definitely galvanized my own resolve to be grateful for everything that I have, and to keep striving to create the life that I envision for myself. In short – Carli was running a multi-million dollar business, and was working at a break-neck pace. She was on a much-needed break in her childhood home of South Africa, when the accident happened. She was driving with a friend, when their car was struck by a mini-bus. Carli suffered multiple injuries, including a traumatic brain injury. It took months of rehabilitation and a new way of working on her eventual return to her career, to compensate for the long-term effects of the brain injury.

Go have a read of the interview that I linked to above for the rest of Carli’s incredible story.


Toronto Personal Branding photographer, Carole B Eves Photography, Carli Kinnear

Just love the texture of the background and the incredible light wrapping around her


In my line of business, I am lucky that I get to meet a wide variety of people every, single day. I am so grateful that on that day, Carli was that person. She has reminded me that an iron will combined with a positive approach to every aspect of your life, will take you where you want to be.

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  • Corey Potter January 20, 2016   Reply →

    Love that you took the studio to her, that is super convenient and makes a more natural portrait!

  • Alex January 20, 2016   Reply →

    These are gorgeous, Carole! Love the lighting and she is beautiful!

  • Irene January 25, 2016   Reply →

    Beautiful headshots. You are right branding portraits/headshots are so important nowadays.

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